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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Family Times

Some of you may know I'm divorced, and as a byproduct of that, I have children that live out of state.  One of my ex wives (OK no one said I was perfect) chooses to live in the middle of a remote area, so no matter what, I have kids that I can't see all the time.  Here's the rub;

I get to visit my kids (or more accurately, they get to visit me) three times a year; Spring Break, Summer Vacation, and Christmas.  This year, the world's germ population has decided to fuck with my kids and family's enjoyment of the season.  

A quick recap;

I pick my kids up Wednesday night, drive until late, get a hotel room.  Thursday, up early, drive most of the day to get back to where I live.  I own a small car, so I rent a decent sized car for their visit, which costs about $500 for the 2 weeks, all things considered.  Well worth it, but just an aside.  We arrive home in the comfortable car on Thursday, and my youngest is sick.  He's got a persistent cough, and it doesn't seem to be getting better.  We give him some robitussin before bed and hope for the best.

Friday, my oldest wakes up feeling bad.  He's coughing and sneezing, and just feeling pretty much under the weather.  In other words, flu symptoms.  He spends the day feeling miserable and sleeps part of it away.

Saturday, and it's our first full day together as a family, as Branyanu doesn’t have to work that day.  The oldest and the youngest are both still presenting symptoms.  My middle child, the only daughter, is starting to have some symptoms too.  We decide to lay low and not strike out too far.  It's Christmas eve so we quietly enjoy some time together.

Christmas, we open presents and head up to the grandparent's for a family celebration.  All three kids have symptoms by now, so even at the event, we try to keep it mellow.  We have a good time, but by the end of the nights celebration, we're all tired and the kids are not 100% by far. About 1AM, I start feeling like I may want to toss my cookies.  

I debate it with myself until about 6AM, when the "no" side loses, and the "yes" side takes over.  I'm sick for about two hours, then I go to sleep.  Monday is a total loss to me, and poor Branyanu has to play Florence Nightingale for the day as we are all in full-blown symptoms now.

Tuesday and Wednesday consist of us trying to get better, taking various meds and drinking tons of juices and fluids.  Finally, we're hoping that Thursday is going to be the day we can go to the mall, get the family photo done, and enjoy each other's company without being sick.  As I wake up this morning, Branyanu is trying to stealthily sneak out of bed to be sick.  

I hate this flu.

Maybe tomorrow we will all be able to get out and about.  :/