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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Welcome to Grouchy Gamer

I need an outlet. You see, I could post on my usual spots, like the Official Vanguard Forum, or I could post on my fan site, Of course, since the fansite is an affiliate site, I need to be on my official behavior. Well, most of the time. Still, I find myself wanting to rant, or to make a point where it might not be acceptable to post on one of the more "official" sites.

Enter Blogger.

I've resisted the whole blog phenomenon so far, mostly because I thought "who the hell would be interested in what I have to say, and what makes these egomaniacs thing anyone is intersted in what they are saying?" More and more, I'm finding myself surfing and perusing blogs though, as a way of getting real, instead of "official," information. Some of it is horse shit, of course. Some of the blogs have some really thoughtful and insightful content.

I can't promise you that mine will. I can promise you that if you read this, I'll be straight with you. If I can. I'm still, as a fan site operator, bound by NDA, and I can't spill beans here that I can't spill elsewhere. What I can do is give you opinions and pass along interesting rumors and things I've heard.

I hope you find it useful.